Relaxing Massage for Body & Mind

A masseuse provides a soothing arm massage to a smiling man lying on a massage table, conveying a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

What is a relaxing massage?

The relaxing massage is intended to balance in the most natural way.

It increases endorphins, chemicals produced by our body that serve the function of stimulating the areas of the brain where pleasurable emotions are generated.

It activates the circulatory system, providing more oxygen to the body, leading to an increase in the state of relaxation, increasing energy and concentration and creating a state of internal happiness.

Relaxing massage also lowers blood pressure and facilitates venous return. The better the blood circulates and the more oxygenated it is, the better our skin will look.

Cleansing of energies prior to the relaxing massage session

All my therapies are a ceremony. Creating an environment of harmony is my priority, I purify my space with sage to eliminate residual energies and other evils that can affect my great little sanctuary. Hygiene being my first priority, before starting the work of energy balance.

Sage is a shrubby plant of the mint family that has its origins in southern Europe. It has been used throughout history as an expectorant and cold cleanser. This plant is highly prized by herbalists for its medicinal properties. It has an infinite number of uses, the one that brings us here is that of an air purifier.

Sage is one of the most used plants for this purpose, usually for energy purposes, justified by its properties, its essential oils have proven their ability to enhance intellectual abilities:

Shumaning my space with sage promotes mental clarity, joy, and calm.

What oils do I use in relaxing massages?

After cleaning and harmonizing the environment, I get ready to receive my partner in ceremony. Previously I mix the organic almond oil with the lavender essence. Then I put it to warm up, as the hot oil helps to relax the muscles and gives an incredibly pleasant sensation. Once my ritual partner is ready on the table, I apply three drops of lavender essential oil to a clean towel and invite her to breathe in and out the fragrance slowly and deeply. In this way, I am able to introduce the relaxing and calming properties of lavender into the ritual.

Ready for the exchange of energy sharpened my intuition and I let my hands guide me, attaching every friction, kneading and stirring to our breath. I like to put an end to moxibustion, as it balances the physiological functions of our body by making blood and qi (energy) flow better, soon I will write about the benefits of moxa and its origin and the link will appear here.

A person sitting cross-legged, using moxibustion, a traditional therapy that involves a smoking stick held close to the knee, emitting smoke, in a serene and relaxing environment with a plant in the background.

The benefits of relaxing massage are:

  • Combat anxiety and depression. After a session, the person feels refreshed inside and out. Relaxing massage stimulates the secretion of the hormone “serotonin“, which is responsible for keeping people’s mood in balance.

  • Promotes the elimination of toxins. As we have already seen, relaxing massage activates the circulatory system, which is responsible for helping different organs, such as the kidneys and liver, lymphatic organs that are responsible for discarding the toxins accumulated in the body.

  • It decreases muscle tension and promotes flexibility. Stress, worries, taking into account that a sedentary lifestyle causes muscle tension and pain. To mitigate these symptoms, relaxing massage is one of the best options, getting us to move without discomfort or complications.

  • Relaxing massage helps relieve PMS symptoms. Since the activation of blood circulation reduces inflammation in the area, produced at the beginning of a new cycle, relieving pain considerably.

  • Relaxing massage also creates a feeling of well-being, helps to regain energy, contributes to the digestion of nutrients and elimination of waste. It helps in the removal of toxins and dead cells. It increases natural defenses, stimulates sexual appetite and improves self-esteem and energy.

A massage therapist working on a client's back in a serene room with natural light coming in through the window, performing a Relaxing Holistic Massage.

Cleansing of energies prior to the relaxing massage session

Massage is perhaps one of the most well-known and documented disciplines in history. It has been used for millennia and we can see this by reading historical texts. Even objects used to provide massages that are from prehistoric times have appeared.

It is sometimes used as a healing method in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, etc. We can assure you that it was and is the most widespread therapeutic technique to relieve pain or small body discomforts.

Hippocrates, a Greek physician considered the Father of Medicine, was born 450 years before Christ and made numerous observations on the practice of natural medicine and specifically in the case of massage and hydrotherapy. He said that friction on a joint can hold if it is too loose and can relax it if it is too stiff, depending on the shape of the manipulation.

In 1776 in Sweden the most important man in the history of massage was born, Peter Henry Ling. He was an instructor for numerous masseurs of the time and thanks to him, practically no one today doubts the benefits of massage.

The characteristics of the current way of life cause a physical-psychological imbalance in the human being due to the great and constant accumulation of tension, stress and scarce physical exercise.

Understanding the above to perform a relaxing massage, she created a ceremony where the intention is to disconnect from the past and the future, leaving all the space for the now. This ceremony is one of my favorites.

The benefits of relaxing massage are:

-Acute disease.

-Acute inflammation.

-Acute period of trauma, sprains, contusions, joint effusions.

-Beginnings of phlebitis and vascular fragility.

-Open wounds.

-Skin infections.

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