Holistic Massages Valencia

Release tension, restore your balance, bring peace to your body.

In all these ways I help you get back to your well-being.

Holistic massages in Valencia most requested

A smiling woman in a red dress with gold embroidery stands in front of lush green plants, radiating the tranquility offered by giving holistic massages Valencia.


I’m Jessica, passionate about wellness. I am moved by everything that naturally helps us to live and share in harmony.

I am a Chiro-masseuse in Valencia, certified with 7 years of experience, and currently a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I currently offer my services for holistic massages Valencia and will be happy to help you feel better.

My Work Philosophy

  • In my work I use all the tools studied and I am also guided by my intuition.
  • Every massage is a ritual.
  • I work with eco-friendly products.
  • Essences are my companions.
  • The moxa is one of my balancing tools.
  • My hands recognize where to help.
  • Silences help me listen to you.

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Do not hesitate to call or write me if you have any particular questions or needs, I will be happy to assist you!