Holistic Therapies

Discover serenity and balance with Bach Flower therapy, a healing technique that connects you to nature to heal the soul. Inspired by ancient wisdom and perfected by Dr. Edward Bach in the 30s, our therapy uses pure essences extracted from selected wildflowers to align your emotions and free you from burdens such as stress, anxiety, and fear.
Each essence is carefully chosen to resonate with your unique emotions, offering a personalized path to inner peace. In each session, we explore the garden of your psyche together, identifying and treating emotional imbalances with delicacy and precision. Let me guide you through this floral journey to holistic and lasting wellness. 🌼✨
Benefits of Bach Flower Therapy:
Restoring emotional balance: Essences work subtly to balance emotions and thoughts.
Stress and anxiety reduction: Find your oasis of calm in the midst of everyday chaos.
Improved overall well-being: By being emotionally balanced, your physical well-being also benefits.
With Bach Flower therapy, we invite you to open the doors to a more harmonious and fulfilling life. 🌱

Consultation: 30€
30ml dropper, with a duration of one month: 12€
Consultation options:
  • Face.
  • Online.
  • Mail.
A wooden spoon wrapped with twine and filled with dried flowers, leans against a white pedestal. Nearby are two small glass bottles, one with a dropper, filled with an amber-colored liquid, representing holistic techniques. More dried flowers are scattered on a beige surface.