My Bamboo Therapy Sessions

Una persona recibe una terapia de masaje Bambuterapia en la que se utiliza una herramienta de madera en sus piernas, mientras se relaja bajo una suave toalla rosa en una habitación suavemente iluminada.

What is Bamboo Therapy?

Massage with bamboo poles has its origins in the East. This harmonizing therapy promotes the balance of the body as well as lymphatic circulation.

It has been used for centuries to tone the body, have healthy skin, and above all, cleanse harmful energies from our body and clear the mind as it balances metabolism and reduces stress.

Bamboo Therapy is a relaxing and physical enhancement massage that deeply stimulates the skin, muscles, adipose tissue and nervous system.

Perfect for men, especially athletes who are no longer athletes. It is also ideal for the body of the woman who needs firming. Since the Bamboo Therapy massage, depending on the manipulation , achieves draining, reducing, relaxing and toning effects.

Bambootherapy to improve your health, well-being and physical appearance

Bamboo Therapy is an ideal tool for:

  • Renovation.

  • Flaccidity.

  • Reduction of body measurements.

  • Cleansing the skin.

  • Localized fat.

  • Cellulitis.

Bamboo massage has the following benefits:

  • Improved lymphatic circulation.

  • It helps to release physical tiredness and exhaustion.

  • Stimulation of energy balance.

  • Helps cell renewal.

  • Reduction of adipose tissue.

How do I perform the Bamboo Therapy massage?

As I have talked about in other blogs, my massages begin with the cleansing and balancing of energies, welcoming an exchange, as I consider the client to give me their trust in exchange for my help.

Creating a harmonious space invites peace. Sage accompanies me in this process, as desert grass, according to experts, has a spiritual superpower. It is said that the negative energy goes away immediately as soon as these dry leaves begin to burn.

And as I always say, smoking my space with sage promotes mental clarity, joy, and calm.

Diversos elementos naturales sobre un plato de madera, como canela en rama, lavanda, cristales, trozos de jengibre y un manojo de cordel dispuestos en un ambiente rústico ideal para técnicas de relajación.

Once the introduction is finished, and the client is on the table, I choose a relaxing essence to breathe in deeply and slowly, helping their confidence and peace of mind. The essences I choose for inspiration with the benefit of relaxation are lavender or geranium, as they have very relaxing properties.

I usually have an eco oil prepared based on the reason for the customer’s visit, since depending on it they used one essence or another. For example:

  • For orange peel, patchouli oil is a venous tonic and an excellent active ingredient for correcting the appearance of the skin.

  • For the release of tiredness and exhaustion he used tea tree, helping to give a positive outlook on life.

  • Jasmine for renewal and balance.

  • To balance out the excess oil, the essence of moss is always with me.

With the oil ready, I begin a series of manipulations with frictions, kneading and bamboo and as a final closure of the Bamboo Therapy moxo strategic points.

History of BambooTherapy

Eastern mystical culture gave bamboo magical properties. They believed that this plant allowed the negative energy of the body to be absorbed, causing this energy to circulate inside the reeds and then return it to the body clean and positive. Starting to flow these energies through the body, balancing the energy centers, helping balance and harmony.

Bamboo therapy has its beginnings in Japan, with almost 5,000 years of existence. The origin of therapeutic massage with bamboo is very recent. It was created by the French therapist Gil Amsallem, around 2003.

Over time, a whole series of benefits for the human body have been discovered, which I have already told you about, making bamboo therapy one of the most demanded massages.

Contraindications of Bamboo Therapy

The contraindications are usually the same as in modeling massages, relaxing massages or lymphatic drainage. This bamboo therapy is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, fever, infections, thrombosis or cancer.