My favorite, the Balinese Massage

Close-up of a physical therapist's hands applying pressure to a patient's calf muscle, emphasizing Indonesian massage techniques.

The Balinese Massage consists of enveloping and sculpting your body with deep movements, with a medium-strong intensity, since it relaxes and dissolves the tension of the deep, harmonious and continuous tissues. Wrapping your entire body with slow and long manipulations.

They also include gentle pressures and assisted stretches, based on Thai Massage, thus helping to increase therapeutic function at the muscular level. No abrupt shifts or loss of contact.

I think you understand why it’s one of my favorite massages.

The Pindas

The Balinese Massage includes pindas and the increase in well-being that they give is incredible. In fact, they are very popular among relaxing Ayurvedic massages.

The pindas I use in the Balinese Massage consist of spherical cotton cloth bags filled with healing herbs and with drops of essential oil. Soon I will tell you about the herbs she used and the magical effect of essential oils.

The Balinese Massage with pindas has its origin in the Oriental Medicine and the Ayurvedic Medicine, the latter is the traditional medicine of India, its objective is the unification of body, mind and spirit, it is based on the fact that disease and health have their origin in the confluence of the three doshas or main aspects of existence.

An atmospheric, low-light scene featuring a candle with a warm glow next to pumpkin-shaped biscuits seen through blurred leaves, reminiscent of the relaxing atmosphere of a Balinese massage.


I always finish my massages moxando, because as I find in the moxa and in the meriadones the indisputable allies for balance. Soon I will write about all the tools I use in my work.

I remember that my main motivation is to create a place of refuge and well-being, in the blog of the Relaxing Massage I tell you the importance I give to hygiene and to the cleansing and renewal of energy.

Benefits of Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage has a lot of benefits, here are a few:

  • It detoxifies the skin and the body.

  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect, for rheumatism diseases it is

  • A lot of people have been able to find a

  • Pressures and heat are beneficial, here you add the medicinal benefits of the herbs contained in the pindas.

  • Prevents and relieves stress and anxiety.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Relieves menstrual cramps and associated pain.

  • It helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

  • It calms and prevents migraines and headaches.

  • Promotes blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation .

  • It activates the relationship of muscles, tendons and joints.

  • A good ally to slow down aging and degeneration of soft tissues and joints.

  • Balances blood pressure .

  • It calms the mind, improves the ability to concentrate and positive thoughts.

Benefits for Athletes

The Balinese Massage with pindas is indicated for athletes or people with muscle or tendon problems, as it provides a huge strain of the muscles. Getting a big profit if you get one a week. It has been shown to be an effective cure against poliomyelitis and pseudomuscular hypertrophy.

Aesthetic Benefits

By achieving the drainage of the skin, freeing it from fluid retention, it accelerates the metabolism, achieving weight loss and feeling a greater sensation of lightness and relaxation, achieving a change and improvement in beauty.

Making your skin shine brighter and feel smooth due to the release of toxins and impurities into the skin. You’ll notice the effects immediately.

The origin of Balinese Massage

The story goes that when the army of the kingdom of Siam returned home dejected by battles, they were greeted with this healing ritual, the Balinese Massage with pindas.

Balinese massage with pindas has been used for more than 400 years. The first indications are found in the classical text known as Tumra Osoth Pra Narai or Pharmacopoeia of King Narai. This text was written between 1660 and 1687, and it explains the elaboration of herbal bags and their physiological effects.

For a long time, the best spas in the West have used the power of pindas by inviting their clients to check out the indisputable benefits of this ancient ritual.

Two hands kneading dough on a wooden surface, showing a close-up view of the dough squeezing between the fingers, reminiscent of massage techniques.


It should not be performed on clients with varicose veins, infections or ulcers on the skin, nor if the person suffers from vertigo, or in the presence of any organic disease or advanced arteriosclerosis.

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